Brand News | Jan, 10 2024 | 1 Minute Read

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This Dry January, Accept the Challenge to Trade In Your Go-To Brew for a 40-Week Supply of Samuel Adams Non-Alcoholic IPA, Just The Haze

We all know expecting mothers can’t drink alcohol, which can be frustrating to see their partners continue to enjoy their favorite adult beverages. In fact, according to a recent survey commissioned by Samuel Adams and conducted online by The Harris Poll, only 17% of Americans 21+ who had a pregnant partner say they stopped drinking while their partner was pregnant.

So, this Dry January, to help expecting dads and non-carrying mothers pace through each trimester, Samuel Adams introduces 'Due Date, Brew Date' to reward those who give up alcohol in support of their pregnant partner.

Drinkers can head to @samueladamsbeer on Instagram, comment on the Due Date, Brew Date post for a chance to win a 40-week supply of Samuel Adams non-alcoholic Just the Haze to enjoy the flavor of beer without the buzz. The Sam team will even throw in a 6-pack of Samuel Adams Boston Lager to cheers the couple for making it their Brew Date - oh, and to celebrate their new addition to the family.

Check out the full press release here!


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