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From dinner parties and family gatherings to Friendsgivings and more, Dogfish has the bar cart covered!

Just in time for the holiday season, Dogfish Head announces the return of three fan-favorite beers – World Wide Stout, Crimson Cru and Pennsylvania Tuxedo – and the debut of a new Winter Variety Pack featuring a special, exclusive brew, The Perfect Pairing. These winter warmers are making their way to shelves and taps now. For more on each beer's availability, visit

"Everyone wants to be the 'host with the most' during the holiday season, and one way to easily impress your guests is with a wide array of cool-weather beers to perfectly partner with your evening's eats," said Dogfish Head Founder & Brewer, Sam Calagione. "Complementary food and beer pairings can make a culinary experience exponentially more awesome, so here are some quick and easy recommendations."

  • Crimson Cru paired with a classic charcuterie board
    Created in collaboration with Brouwerij Rodenbach, Crimson Cru (7.1% ABV) is a trans-Atlantic libation that begins with Rodenbach's Grand Cru, a Flemish red-brown ale aged in oak casks. After making the trek from Belgium to Delaware via tanker ship, Rodenbach's Grand Cru is blended with a red ale from Dogfish Head that has been infused with sumac and sweet orange peel, and dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc hops.

Both a tasty drink and a solid conversation starter, Crimson Cru is the ideal pairing for a charcuterie board. The beer's layers of flavors can meld well with multiple meats and cheese. Plus, the can's artwork makes a great talking piece.

The last beer to launch from Dogfish Head's 2023 Art Series, an annual collection of four brews featuring packaging designs by a singular collaborating artist, this year's version of Crimson Cru boasts whimsical artwork by Natalya Bolnova. A New York-based illustrator, designer and printmaker, Natalya is known for creating artwork with magical worlds and playful storyscapes.

  • Pennsylvania Tuxedo paired with rack of lamb
    Paying homage to the flannel-suited hunters and gatherers of north-central Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Tuxedo (8.5% ABV) is a pale ale brewed with spruce tips. Surprisingly sessionable, this seasonal concoction's grassy, citrusy kick is complemented by resinous conifer notes and a dry, malty backbone.

Try Pennsylvania Tuxedo aside a lamb dish for a down-right delicious pairing. The dry, balanced bitterness of the beer will cut through the fatty flavors of the lamb to cleanse the palate and prepare it for another bite.

  • World Wide Stout paired with chocolate cake
    Originally released in 1999, World Wide Stout (15-20% ABV) is an ageable ale brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley to create a dark, rich and roasty imperial stout. Bursting with warming notes of roasted malt and coffee, its flavor profile is more reminiscent of a fine port wine than a typical beer.

Enjoy World Wide Stout alongside a piece of decadent chocolate cake. The beer's full-body and coating mouthfeel will easily stand up to the richness of the dessert, and its roasty flavor will provide a delicate contrast to the cake's sweetness.

"And if your party guests have a wide range of taste preferences, you really can't go wrong with picking up some variety packs," Sam shares. "That way, everyone can choose their own flavor adventure."

Featuring a crowd-pleasing array of unique brews, Dogfish Head's Winter Variety Pack includes three cans of each of the following four beers.

  • 60 Minute IPA (6.0% ABV): Dogfish Head's iconic, continually hopped IPA, 60 Minute IPA is brewed with a boatload of intense Northwest hops for a pungently hoppy, but not crushingly bitter beer.
  • 90 Minute IPA (9.0% ABV): One of the first Imperial IPAs, 90 Minute IPA is continually hopped for bold, unapologetic flavor complemented by a sturdy, crackery malt backbone.
  • Blue Hen Pilsner (4.8% ABV): Crisp and refreshing, Blue Hen Pilsner is a straight-forward pilsner brewed with just four ingredients – water, hops, yeast, and Delaware-grown and malted barley.
  • The Perfect Pairing (5.5% ABV): Created in collaboration with Cabot Creamery in Vermont, The Perfect Pairing is a hazy pale ale brewed with upcycled whey – a bi-product of the cheese-making process – to make "the perfect pairing" for sharp cheddar cheese.

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About Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head has focused on brewing beers with culinary ingredients outside the Reinheitsgebot since the day it opened as one of the smallest American craft breweries more than 28 years ago. A Delaware-based brand and supporter of the Independent Craft Brewing Seal, Dogfish consists of Brewings & Eats®, a brewpub, Chesapeake & Maine®, a seafood and cocktail spot, Dogfish Inn®, a beer-themed hotel and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery®, a production brewery and distillery featuring the Tasting Room & Kitchen and Dogfish Head Distilling Co.® For more, visit


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