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Thinking big picture

Sure, we brew great beer. But we also support causes that align with our people and values, pursue ways of doing business more sustainably, and work toward making a better world for our coworkers, drinkers, partners, and communities we work in.

Our approach

The way we see it, we need to treat our coworkers, our community and the world with the same care that we treat our products.

  • Challenging the status quo

  • Our differences make us stronger

  • We strive to be leaders others trust and respect

  • Together we are heavy

Boston Beer Co.

We don’t just talk the talk.

We walk the walk. Take a look at some of the impact we've made so far.

  • 400+

    members in our Coworker Network Groups

  • $2.34M

    to support programs including Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream (BTAD) and Dogfish Head’s Beer & Benevolence program

  • 100+

    partnerships with community, arts and environmental organizations through DFH’s Beer and Benevolence program


We're on a quest to embed sustainability in all areas of the business. From the boots on the brewery floor to the executive leadership level, we’re on this journey together.
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We aim to strengthen our unique culture and human-centered policies and practices while building a workforce representative of communities within our footprint.
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Social Impact

From helping entrepreneurs brew their own American dream to spreading benevolence in our communities, we’re always offering a helping hand.
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