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Beyond Beer

Tune in to watch the brand’s 24/7 livestream where they will attempt to contact extraterrestrial life by offering Earth’s finest liquid: HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST® Mix Pack

Hard Mtn Dew Baja Blast

Beam us up! HARD MTN DEW® is coming in peace just in time for Alien Abduction Day on March 20, as the brand aims to become the first beverage abducted by aliens. That's right, HARD MTN DEW is offering our alien visitors an example of peak human innovation guaranteed to get us on their good side: an entire pallet of the newly permanent HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Mix Pack. And to top it off, we're livestreaming the whole thing.

In honor of the HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Mix Pack rolling out now and the expected extraterrestrial return to Earth on Alien Abduction Day, HARD MTN DEW is celebrating big by luring UFOs to the custom-built, alien friendly "HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Beam Up" alien abduction site. Built in a remote area of the Arizona desert, the alien abduction site is near the home of one of the most witnessed and documented mass UFO sightings in modern history: The Phoenix Lights, and home to the state with some of the most reported sightings in the U.S., according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

Specifically designed for easy UFO landing, the site features UFO landing lights, custom alien-inspired graphics and an easy-to-follow bullseye pointing to our offering: 100 HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Mix Packs atop a raised platform for spotting from space.

Beginning today through Alien Abduction Day on March 20, alien enthusiasts, fans and the extraterrestrial-ly curious can tune in to (hopefully) witness HARD MTN DEW make first contact. Head to HARD MTN DEW's YouTube to catch the 24/7 livestream of the alien abduction zone. As fans tune in, the brand will also be surprising a few lucky drinkers with custom swag to commemorate the occasion: HARD MTN DEW-branded tinfoil-inspired bucket hats. 

"We've captured the hearts and minds of HARD DEW Nation here on Earth, so it's only fitting we continue the wildly passionate fandom by setting our sights to the skies," said Erica Taylor, senior brand director for HARD MTN DEW. "Our fans will agree, the HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Mix Pack is out of this world delicious, so to celebrate its now year-round availability, we wanted to launch in a big way – and there's nothing bigger than reintroducing it through an intergalactic exchange."

Rolling out now and available all year long, the HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Mix Pack features fan favorite HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST, plus three ridiculously refreshing variations aliens won't be able to resist: HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Pineapple, HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Mango and HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST Punch. HARD MTN DEW is currently available for purchase in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Las Vegas, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming – with expanded availability coming soon. 

For more information and the latest details on our alien abduction, visit and stay tuned to @TheRealHardMtnDew on YouTube. Plus, follow along @HardMountainDew on XFacebook and Instagram.



Bold, delicious flavor with the added bite of 5% ABV, HARD MTN DEW brings the big citrus flavor fans of the soft drink know and love, now with the hard kick of alcohol. Available in a variety of flavors, including HARD MTN DEW®, HARD MTN DEW BAJA BLAST®, HARD MTN DEW Livewire® and more, HARD MTN DEW offers no caffeine, zero sugar, 100 calories per 12oz. serving and a whole lot of flavor. For more information, please visit

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