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Recent article says Wall Street is optimistic about where Boston Beer is headed.

A recent article by Barron’s says Boston Beer's Twisted Tea could be a summer hit and it's time to buy the Boston Beer stock again.

This may be the year of Twisted Tea, which exemplifies Boston Beer's culture of innovation and taking the long view, says CEO Dave Burwick. First launched in 2001, the malt-based hard tea has grown sales every year before taking off over the past year. That's a function of new flavors, greater distribution in new states, and more attention from retailers. Boston Beer estimates that stores will devote 45% more shelf space to Twisted Tea this year.

The article also acknowledges the challenges Boston Beer has faced in the last two years, and mentions the work we're doing to "right-size" following the ups and downs on Truly, such as cutting overhead, saving on raw materials, and investing in greater automation in brewing and packing processes, which should help improve profit margins. The last two sentences may say it best: "The hard-seltzer bubble may have gone flat, but Boston Beer's fridge remains well stocked. It's time to buy the stock again."

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